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Haynes. 2000. Kartonnerad. Gott skick. Rikt illustrerad. Engelska. Inside this manual: Model history and Pre-ride Checks in colour, A Complete step-by-step guide to servicing and routine maintenance, Engine and transmission servicing and overhaul, Cooling system, checks and remedies, Fuel and ignition systems explained, Suspension and steering adjustment and overhaul, Braking system safety checks and repairs, Electrical system fault finding and repairs, Comprehensive colour wiring diagrams, 18 page Tools & Workshop Tips section in colour, Fault finding checklist and equipment to pinpoint specific problems, Fully indexed to help you find information easily.. L6
Here at last is an indispensible book that lays out, in an orderly and clear fashion, the guidelines for leadership in the world and in ones' own life. All of the areas of our society and personal life that need discipline and leadership are pointed out. A firm foundation and guidance from a psychological and spiritual perspective are offered for change. The ascended masters are called upon for their wisdom and sometimes opinion on matters ranging from the political arcana to science and religion. This book serves as a refenence manual for moral and spiritual living and also offers a vision of a world where strong love and the highest aspirations of humanity triumph. Hft. Light Technology Publishing, 1998, 284 sid. Mycket gott skick
En begagnad Fuji Fotogenvärmare Modell 339 en Rolls Royce bland fotogenvärmare. Manual finns. Typ: Runtomstrålande Tankvolym: 5,5 ltr Energikapacitet: 2200W/tim över 30 kvm are Förbrukning: 0,2 ltr/tim vid maxeffekt Bränntid: 28 tim vid maxeffekt Bränslemätare: Finnes, enkel att tända Tippskydd: För din egen och andras säkerhet Veke: Glasullsveke, bränntid c:a 2000 tim Kokplatta: Finnes Format: H490 x Dia325 mm Färg: Grafitgrå/Krom Temperatur: Kan regleras efter önskemål Vikt: 6,5 kg Förbränning: 99,5%, luktfri Godkänd av Statens Provningsanstalt. Sport & Fritid Fritid & Hobby
Helt oanvänd Fuji 339 fotogenvärmare i originalförpackning. spec: Modell: Fuji 339 Typgodkännande Nr: SP 597 E01 Tankvolym: 5,5 liter Bränsle: Lysfotogen för fotogenkaminer av ren hög kvalitet, vi rek. Termo lysfotogen Maxförbrukning: 0,20 liter/tim Max effekt: 2200 Watt Minsta uppvärmningsyta: 30 kvadratmeter Bränntid: ca 28 timmar Vikt: 6,5 kg Veke: Bomullsveke Format: H490 x ø 325mm Alla specifikationer och manual här: http://www.lidabgroup.com/upl_prod/Fuji%20instruktionsmanual.pdf Nypris 1500kr nu 500kr