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Bonnie Tyler, The world starts tonight, vinyl-LP Side one: 1.Got so used to loving you 2. Love of a rolling stone 3. Lost in France 4. Piece of my heart 5. Mor than a lover Side two: 1. Give me your love 2. The world starts tonigh 3. Here´s monday 4. Love tangle 5. Let the show begin Skivan i bra skick, FRI FRAKT. Betalning till plusgiro.
Janne Lucas, The best of Janne Lucas, Ballade pour Adeline, vinyl-LP, Sida A: 1. Ballade pour Adeline 2. Darling Jill 3. I morgon 4. Funderingar 5. I ain´t foolin round 6. Simple philosophy Sida 2: 1. Cavatina 2. Music box dancer 3. A swinging safari 4. Ricki ticki tavi 5. Solfeggietto 6. I ett moln av ökensand låter OK, omslag saknas, FRI FRAKT. Betalning till plusgiro.
Rick Astley, Whenever you need somebody, vinyl-LP Side one: 1. Never gonna give you up 2. Whenever you need somebody 3. Together forever 4. It would take a strong strong man 5. the love has gone Side two: 1. Don´t say goodbye 2. Slipping away 3. No more looking for you 4. You move me 5. When I fall in love Skivan i bra skick, FRI FRAKT. Betalning till plusgiro.
The Supremes, Touch, vinyl-LP Side I: 1. This is the story 2. Nathan Jones 3. Here comes the sunrise 4. Love it came to me this time 5. Johnny Raven Side II: 1. Have I lost you 2. Time and love 3. Touch 4. Happy (is a bumpy road) 5. It´s so hard for me to say goodbye låter OK, FRI FRAKT. Betalning till plusgiro.
The very best of Leo Sayer, vinyl-LP Side one: 1. When I need you 2. You make me feel like dancing 3. Raining in my heart 4. How much I love 5. Dancing the night away 6. Thunder in my heart 7. I can´t stop loving you Side two: 1. One man band 2. Giving it all away 3. Train 4. Let it be 5. Long tall glasses 6. Moonlighting 7. The show must go on Skivan i bra skick, Kostnad för frakt tillkommer och betalas av köparen. Betalning till plusgiro.

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