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Penguin. 2008. 547 s. Pocket. 20x13cm. 400 gram. Nära nyskick. Engelsk text. Ur baksidestexten: OIL has been struck in Southern California, soon the landscape is carved up as the drilling begins. One man stands to profit from it - Mr J. Arnold Ross, a kindly tycoon who gets rich by buying up land cheap and bribing public officials to get the work done quickly. But this brings him into conflict with his beloved son, Bunny, whose growing sympathy with oil field workers and socialist organizers fuels a running debate with his father. Meanwhile, Bunny's childhood friend, Paul, has become involved in the unions, leading to a faithful clash with capitalist forces.
Included together with the drill rig is everythingneeded to drill 3 water holes of 100 meters. Forevery hole there are casing pipes for 30 metersincluded.Among this equipment is for example:3 x Atlas Copco COP 44 std DTH hammers100 meters of drill pipes ø76mm3 x Atlas Copco ø115mm drill bits1 x Atlas Copco Symmetrix pilot bit3 x Atlas Copco Symmetrix permanent ring bits90 meters of casing pipeAnd everything else needed like welding stickelectrodes, welding helmet, grease, oils,cement and tools etc. Air compressor:To use above equipment it must be connected with an air compressor. Air compressor is not included in price. Used air compressors can be bought from SMT and the prices starts from USD 30 000 and up.
BOREFLÅTE / COMPLETE DRILLING RAFT WITH DERRICK OBS! Objektet säljes i NORGE! Objektet säljs på auktion på www.retrade.no OBS! Listat pris är objektets utropspris på auktionen. På Retrades auktioner finns INGA dolda reservationspriser. För ytterligare information, teknisk rapport och fler bilder gå in på auktionen: http://www.retrade.no/search?q=AF+Gruppen Auktionen avslutas: 28.02.2013 Uppställningsplats: Stor Oslo / AULI, NO E-mail-förfrågningar via denna annons besvaras ej.
Kanonskick. Inga borrhål i bordet. Reversering. Strömbrytare för kylvattenpump. Nypris 27.000:- + moms Type SB 30 Drilling capacity 32mm Drilling depth/spindle stroke 150mm Tapping Capacity M16 Morse taper MT-3 Work table 405x505mm Distance between column and Spindle 284(throat depht) Speeds Numbers - Spindle 8 Speed Numbers - Motor 2 Motor Capacity in HP 1,5HP Rpm 75-3140 Height 1730mm Weight 228 kgs http://www.scantool.com/media/25430/scantool%20geared%20head%20drilling%20machines%20sb%2030-35-40%20_3x400v.pdf http://www.directindustry.com/prod/scantool-group/drill-presses-31060-148145.html