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OBS ! MYCKET FIN, SKYDDSPLAST INGÅR A1 It's In The Way That You Use It 4:09 Producer - Eric Clapton A2 Run 3:38 A3 Tearing Us Apart 4:14 A4 Bad Influence 5:06 A5 Walk Away 3:51 Keyboards - Richard Feldman A6 Hung Up On Your Love 3:42 B1 Take A Chance 4:52 B2 Hold On 4:55 B3 Miss You 5:03 B4 Holy Mother 4:53 B5 Behind The Mask
OBS! MYCKET FIN, SKYDDSPLAST INGÅR A1 God Only Knows Keyboards - Graham Todd A2 Cool Clear Air A3 Rose, Rose A4 This House Runs On Sunshine A5 Colorado Songbird A6 No No Nina B1 Honourable Puff-Puff B2 Don't Throw It All Away B3 Spider Juice B4 Let Me Be The One B5 Like Strangers B6 Stand Up Like A Man