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Den berömde oceanografen och filmaren Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) har börjat tappa greppet. För att återupprätta sitt rykte ger sig Steve ut på en havsexpedition för att döda den mystiska jaguarhaj som ätit upp hans bäste vän. Med på resan följer en märklig skara; en ung pilot (Owen Wilson) som kanske är Steves son, en vacker och gravid journalist (Cate Blanchett), Steves stenrika och blaserade fru (Anjelica Huston), en tysk maskiningenjör (Willem Dafoe) och Steves ärkefiende och forskarrival (Jeff Goldblum). Följ med på historiens mest bisarra djuphavsexpedition. Wes Andersons (The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore) The Life Aquatic är fylld av skönt skruvad humor och fantastiska rollkaraktärer. Under havsytan väntar filmhistoriens mest surrealistiska undervattensvärld med innevånare du inte trodde fanns - och kanske inte gör det heller.
A feasf for the eyes and the senses, Feost is a must for eve of Nigella's classic How to Eot, it applies those same 'Pleasures and Principles of Good Food' to celebrations from feast days to familiar rites of passage. Essentially about families and food, about public holidays and private passions, about how to celebrate the small everyday pleasures as well as the bia occasions, it includes everything from Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Eid, to Passover and Easter; from Valentine's Day to that first breakfast in bed and Sunday lunch fit for the In-Laws; from Meatless Feasts to Midnight Feasts, from Partytime to the ultimate Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame; from weddings to funerals, from Georgian and Venetian feasts to children's favourites. Heartwarming, passionate, informed, refreshingly uncomplicated and full of ideas. Feast is destined to become a classic like How to Eat. Written with the same enjoyment, sensuality and practical m from all over the world and from near to home, Feast proclaims Nigella's love of life and great food to celebrate it with. CHATTO & WINDUS 2004. INB MED SKYDDSOMSLAG. 470 SIDOR. RIKT OCH VACKER ILLUSTRERAD I FÄRG. NYSKICK. 25,0*19,5 CM. ISBN 0-701-17521-4
Skick: 3/Catalog : MARLIN 2203 Tryckår: 1977 Storlek: LP-skiva i skivfodral Marlin ( Printed in US) A1 Life Is Music (4:53) A2 Lady Luck (3:57) A3 Long Distance Romance (6:41) B1 Liberty (5:35) B2 Super Lover (5:45) B3 Disco Blues (5:42 br br Fraktkostnaden är alltid 35 kr (inom Sverige) oavsett antal beställda böcker. Spårbar försändelse, om över 150 g, med Posten.
The most comprehensive introduction available to the Golden Dawn system of initiation, and the numerous, complex and sometimes obscure mystical writings of Aleister Crowley. Over fifty years ago Israel Regardie set himself the gigantic task of making accessible to the intelligent layman the root principles upon which Magic is built--principles which Aleister Crowley devoted his life to exploring and revealing. Drawing on his experience as personal secretary to Crowley and his involvement with the Golden Dawn system, Regardie skillfully unifies a wealth of diverse material into a marvelously coherent whole. The result is The Tree Of Life, a book which has become the definitive overview of the Western Mystery Tradition. ------------------------ Israel Regardie (1907-1985) was credited with removing the excessive secrecy surrounding modern occultism and for making the techniques of high magic available to all interested students. ------------------------ 282 pages----------------- weiser 1994-------------- boken har en del streck i marginalerna liksom understrykna meningar.
13 spår.Total tid 61.10 inspelad i Studio 55,Uppsala 11-12 maj 1994. Viktoria Tolstoy,vocals,Gösta Rundqvist,piano,Sture Åkerberg,bas,Martin Lövgren,drums,Erik Kjellberg,vibraphone,John Högman,tenorsax,Tore Berglund,Alto and sopranosax,Bosse Broberg,trumpet. Innehåll: 1.The masquerado is over 2.You go to my head 3.Remember Bill 4.Love for sale 5.Jim 6.Smile,Love and Spice 7.No more 8.You let my love grow cold 9.Save your love for me 10.When lights are low 11.Daydream 12.Pur way 13.Dreams in your life Obruten förpackning.Ny.