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Serpents tail, 1989, Mjuk pärm, 261 sidor, ISBN 1-85242-163-0, Hyggligt skick, Four short novels: Prize Stock - it depicits the relationship between a Japanese boy and a black American airman captured during the second world war. Teach us to outgrow our madness is a semi-autobiographical account of a father coming to terms with his brain-damaged son. Aghwee the sky monster is about a young mans first job. In the day he himself shall wipe my tears away the narrator lies on his hospital bed waiting to die of cancer and watching the disease change his percepion of the world.
Hej! Säljer nu min prenumenation av Monster World. Jag har totalt 3 pärmar fulla med intressanta foldrar om både existerande och icke-existerande djur. Jag säljer till högstbjudande, så ge ett bud på vad du är beredd att betala för 3 pärmar.
Fyra pärmar med faktablad om olika monster samt ca 400 frågekort
Wordsworth Reference. Reprinted uppl. 1995. 244 s. Pocket. Storpocket. Smärre bruksspår; främst på pärmen. Gott skick. Mytologiuppslagsbok på engelska: Usual signs of a well read book but good overall condition. This guide includes gods from ancient civilizations such as Aphrosire, Quetzacoatl and Vishnu and legendary heroes from Achilles to Visvamitra. It provides information on the genaeologies and pantheons of the gods and their sanctuaries and cults. "The Wordsworth Dictionary of Mythology" is a lot of book in an inexpensive paperback format. What you get is a reference for mythology that goes beyond the Greek / Roman gods and includes background on the pantheons of many culture's mythologies. This isn't just uncommon, but rare. Most people when they hear the word mythology think of the Greek and Roman gods without realizing that almost every cultural group in the world has its own mythology. While I want to emphasize that this is a reference book and doesn't have huge comprehensive entries on each mythology, it's a great starting point for study of mythology. The excellent index and appendices makes it easy to find a name and look it up. There are also family trees, lists of gods and consorts, lists of areas of influence, and other useful information. I also want to mention that while the focus of mythology is on gods and goddesses, fantastic monsters, heroes, and others worthy of inclusion into a mythology are included. Specifically, entries come from the following cultures: universal myths, pantheons, Greece and Rome, Mesopotamia (Babylon, Sumer, Akkad, etc.), Egypt, India, Gaul, the Celts, the Nordics (usually called the Norse Gods), the Slavs, pre-Columbian America (Aztec, Toltec, etc.), China, Japan, Pacific Islands (Polynesia), Africa and Madagascar, the Judeo-Christian World, and mythological creatures from different civilizations. While I would certainly recommend Bullfinch or Edith Hamilton for larger volumes, as a small reference, this book has no equal. It is extremely handy and no other mythology reference I've found so far can cover so many cultures so well. Even the introduction is well written.