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Our two Beautiful cats needs a new home, we are not longer able to provide the attention they need, so sadly, we have to let them go. Both of them are half Norwegian Forestcat, very affective and cheerfully. It includes two scratching pads, a litter box, the sand and food that left over, and some toys and catnip. Bonnie and Clyde, 7 months and 1 year each. Already dewormed. Both of them goes together, since they love each other. It would be nice if they have access outdoors in the new home. For more pics and info send email.
Our family is moving abroad and are unable to take our sweet cats with us, so they need a new homes (together or apart). Every cat home we have contacted is full and we are running out of options. 1st cat is tortoiseshell female, 9 months old. Not castrated. Half Norwegian Forest. 2nd cat is black and white male. 2 years old. Not castrated. They both need a new home and are perfectly OK to be separated.
Jackor & Ytterplagg, stl. 36 (S), dam New Mango Ultra Light feather down jacket. Size S. 500 kr. 500:- Skor, stl. 38, dam New Zara boots. Size 38. 450 kr. http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/se/sv/zara-W2012/269191/828339/KÄNGA%20BASIC New Zara pink pumps. Size 38. 350 kr. New Casadei lacquered pumps. Size 38. Bought on http://www.spartoo.se/Casadei-JODDY-x89346.php for 3164kr. My price is 1300kr. 450:- Jeans, stl. Midja 27 tum, dam DKNY light blue jeans. Size 27. Almost new. 350kr. New Acne jeans. Size 28/34. 350kr.
Hej, Tre 14 veckor gamla kattungar behöver nya hem. De föddes den 2012/11/20, alla pojkar. Three 14 weeks kittens need new homes. They are all boys, white with small color. It's ok if you only want one of them. Please contact me for more pictures if you are interested. Annonsören vill inte störas av telefonsäljare.
I väntan på att våran webbshop kommer upp (NewPortHome.se) så fortsätter vi att sälja bl.a. här till dem bästa priserna, fler modeller finns och kan enkelt skickas via mail. Önskemål om Färger, Texter, andra mått eller egna designer är inga problem att lösa. Kan även skickas i hela sverige med en frakt på 300:- Alla Gavlarna som är på bilderna finns i följande mått: 90cm 699:- 120cm 899:- 160cm 1299:- 180cm 1499:- Med vänlig hälsning, New Port Home - Sweden