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When 2001: A Space Odyssey first shocked, amazed and delighted millions in the late 1960s, the novel was quickly recognized as a classic. Since then, its fame has grown steadily among the multitudes who have read the novel or seen the film based on it. Yet, along with almost universal acclaim, a host of questions has grown more insistent through the years:Q Who or what transformed Dave Bowman into the Star Child'? What purpose lay behind the transformation? What would become of the Star-Child?Q What alien purpose lay behind the monoliths on the Moon and out in space? What could drive HAL, a stable, intelligent computer, to kill the crew? Was HAL really insane? What happened to HAL and the spaceship Discovery after Dave Bowman disappeared?Q Would there be a sequel?Now all those questions and many more have been answered. In this stunning sequel to his international bestseller. Clarke has mitten what will truly be one of the great books of the '80s. Cosmic in sweep, eloquent in its depiction of Man's place in the Universe, and filled with the romance of space, this novel is a monumental achievement.
1. Bamse i egypten - 20 kr 2. Robin Hood i stavningsskogen -20 kr 3.Woodii Andar och Demoner - 20 kr 4.Kunskapslandet - 20 kr 5. star stable - 20 kr 6. star academyn Audition & starstruck - 60 kr för båda 7. Ride - 80 kr 8. My horse & me 2 -80 kr 9. Mitt djursjukhus - 80 kr Alla spel är orginal hämtas på plats
The Sims 2 Nattliv - SÅLD The Sims 2 Jorden runt - SÅLD The Sims 2 Djurliv The Sims 2 Året runt The Sims 2 Prylpaket, 2 st (följer med det andra) Star Shine Legacy, 4 st - SÅLDA Star Stable, 4 st - SÅLDA HARRY POTTER och den flammande bägaren Tävlingarna på Rosmond Hill Skickas det tillkommer porto per styck 30 kr
16 st. Pc-spel säljes, originalspel. Djungelboken The Movies Myrror i brallan Horse adventure Häst show Askungen Jurassic park Min häst Svan sjön Star stable, höst, sommar, vinter, vår, ryttaren Starshine Horse Hokus Pokus Panther Pris: 800 eller bud.