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white pearl metalic. Shark kolfiberdäpare, kolfiberbakskärm, 2st extra bakdelar finns och ev. extra framskärm. Michellin pilotpower bra skick fram, helt nytt kommer att monteras bak. 1795mil. ev. byte sporthoj gärna triumph 675 daytona eller aprilia rsv 1000 i samma prisklass. Annonsören vill inte störas av telefonsäljare.
http://www.tjengo.dk/product/ssw-mako-60/SSW Mako Serie - "Spherical" glass som ligner øjnene på en Mako Haj.Main Features-SSW Mako Series, Spherical glass looks like the Mako Shark’s eyes.-Designed by renowned Japanese Watch Designer “ Mr. Hito Imachi”.-DOUBLE Movement with the latest breakthrough Japan Quartz Technology.-Specially designed with “Stainless steel” Big Case and Band.-Enable with LED date, day, time Display and alarm function.-Water resistant up to 3 ATM (Not suitable for swimming, deep diving, shower etc.).Specification:-Case diameter: 4.0cm approx.-Case thickness: 1.0cm approx.-Case Material: Stainless Steel.-Band Length: 25cm approx. (buckle included).-Band Material: Stainless Steel.-Band Adjustable: Yes.Postage to Sweden / Fraktavgift till Sverige: 65,- SEK.
Bl.a. om Australias southern seas - North Dakota - Brazil: the promise and pain - The Muriqui monkey - Mysteries of the bog - Tidskrift i gott skick - CONTENTS - AUSTRALIAS SOUTHERN SEAS The ocean down under roils with a wealth of marine life. But when Richard Ellis and photographer David Doubilet joined fishermen seeking abalone, prawn, and rock lobster, they were also invading the hunting ground of the great white shark. - TOUGH TIMES ON THE PRAIRIE North Dakota nurtures a hardy people, inured to a climate and economy that deal out too little or too much. Bryan Hodgson and photographer Annie Griffiths report. - BRAZIL: THE PROMISE AND PAIN The tropical South American giant is emerging as a world economic power despite its huge foreign debt. And its new democratic government is bent on reversing centuries of inequality and social neglect, according to Priit J. Vesilind and photographer Stephanie Maze. - BRAZILS MONKEYS IN PERU The muriqui faced a bleak future until it became the star of a popular conservation campaign aimed at saving Brazils unique primate population, says Russell A. Mittermeier. Photographs by Andrew L. Young. - MYSTERIES OF THE BOG One of natures special gifts, peat are fuel, medicine, soil conditioner, and preserver of the past. Louise E. Levathes and photographer Fred Bavendam report on a dwindling resource. - TIPS ! Vill du enkelt överblicka och göra nya upptäckter av intressanta böcker i ett ämne, utan att behöva bläddra igenom tusentals ovidkommande söksvar? GÖR DÅ SÅ HÄR: följ länken SÖK BLAND SÄLJARENS ANNONSER här nedan. Säljarnas egna sidor kan läggas upp som favoriter/bokmärken. Följ länkarna till vänster på sidan till säljarens egna kategorier (ämnesområden). Kategorierna är finindelade och sorterade alfabetiskt efter den inledande ämneskoden på samma sätt som i ett bibliotek. Där hittar du även utförliga beskrivningar och bilder av böckerna. Är du intresserad av fler nummer av just denna tidskrift väljer du kategorin: »N(p) National Geogr.Magazine«. Om du vill se numren i kronologisk ordning sorterar du söksvaren på »FÖRFATTARE«
DISC 1. Claws Nature is certainly cruel, but it?s difficult not to admire her skill in weaponry design. Claws are certainly not subtle ? snatching, piercing and crushing all at once. In this episode we will see some of the smaller members of the animal kingdom, crabs, scorpions and insects along with grizzlies, lions and eagles. We?ll see why these cutting-edge predators rely on their claws to clutch life from their prey. Dogs Some of them live among us, but deep in their genes lies a killing communion with their cousins. The canines are among the oldest surviving carnivores on earth, honing their killing perfection over millions of years. Wolf packs in North America, jackal airs in Africa, coyotes, foxes and wild dogs around the world illustrate the deadly adaptability of the canine. Jaws It?s a simple piece of equipment that changed the course of evolution forever. It?s no wonder the term ?Jaws? has become synonymous with death. From the primitive pre-jaw to the bone crushing powerful jaws of the hyena and jaguar to birds and insects. And of course no examination of jaws would be complete without a detailed look into the gaping, toothy maw of the Great White shark.
Filmrensning! Filmerna är original och i fint skick. För att spara plats förvarar jag filmer i pappersfickor, var film skickas därför i egen pappersficka. Säljer 82 dvd-filmer samt serien Cashmere mafia och tränings dvd Billy´s Bootcamp i ett "paket" för totalt 500 kr. Filmerna kan skickas, då tillkommer 65 kr i porto. Ice age, Garfield the movie, Seabiscuit, Scoobydoo 2, Scoobydoo, Rounders, Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the chocolatefactory, A home at the end of the world, Beloved, Boys and girls, Buddy, Chasing liberty, Cop land, Crazy beautiful, Dag och natt, Darkness falls, Down to you, Edison, Election, Elizabethtown, Elsk meg imorgen (Elling film), Flightplan, Full frontal, Gandhi, Harry Potter och mysteriekammaren, House of sand and fog, House of wax, I spy, In America, Intolerable cruelty, Izzat, Jarhead, Jeepers creepers, Little black book, Love don´t cost a thing, Marvins room, Master & commander, My date with Drew, Ocean´s twelve, Naboer, Open window, Red dragon, Return to sender, Savage grace, Shark tale, Skenet bedrar, Something´s gotta give, Spiderman 2, Suspect zero, Swept away, The aviator, The constant gardener, The day after tomorrow, The descent, The devil´s arithmetic, The door in the floor, The game, The gathering, The hours, The human stain, The interpreter, The manchurian candidate, The omen, The perfect catch, The perfect man, The salton sea, The rich man´s wife, The tuxedo, The whole nine yards, The woodsman, The yards, Things we lost in the fire, Tjenare kungen, Traffic, Undertow, Upside of anger, Skotten i Knutby - vägen hem, Valentine, Vanity fair, View from the top, War of the worlds, Wedding crashers och White noise.