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Publisher: Georg Reimer Publication Date: 1902 Binding: Original Cloth Book Condition: Good Edition: Third Enlarged Edition, Publ.blue cloth s, giltlettered titles on the spine. Cloth of covers worn, first band with one short tear at the top of the second joint, and craced second inner-joint. Edges light soiled. Internally fine, entire and clean, only free-end pp. partly little darkened and last pages of band II with one light small waterstain on the upper margin. 3. edition, revised and enlarged. For-title pp. in german, text only in english. X+(4)+678 pp.; (4)+679-1484+(2) pp. 3200 gr. (shipping dep.of destin. 16-40 USD).
The book traces the invention of English to its current crisis and concludes that for all their characteristic gloom about themsleves, the English may have developed a form of nationalism for the 21st century. "Stimulating, adventurous and witty" The Times. In the light of membership of Europe, the loss of an Empire and a devolved United Kingdom, the English no longer seem to know who they are. Using literary sources and interviews, the author attempts to define - or redefine - English identity at the turn of the Millennium.
THAMES AND HUDSON 1983 (1964). 8:o, ngt större. Paperback. 288 sidor. 222 illustrationer, 41 i färg. Nyskick. WORLD OF ART. Though English painting has always been susceptible to influence coming from abroad, it has retained an individual character of its own down to the present day. The chararcteristically lucid text of the late William Gaunt ranges from Englands position in the Middle Ages to the influence of Post- Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Surrealism and abstract art, seen as a pelude to the flourishing period.
Arvidson, P, Carrington, T & Johed, G. (2010). Den nya affärsredovisningen. Uppl 18 Pris: 200:- Arvidson, P, Carrington, T & Johed, G. (2011). Den nya affärsredovisningen - lösningar. Uppl 12 Pris: 50:- Andersson, J-O & Ekström, C. (2010). Baskonstanttabell i bokföring- fakta/övningsbok + lösningar. Uppl 10 Pris: 250:- Antvik, S & Sjöholm, H. (2012). Projekt- ledning och metoder. Uppl 2 Pris: 225:- MacKenzie, I. (2010). English for Business Studies - Student's Book. Uppl 3 Pris: 150:- Sharma, K. (2011) Alla dessa kulturer. Pris: 100:- Körkortsboken + tillhörande häften. (2011). Uppl 20. Pris: 150:- Högskoleprovet övningsbok. (2011). Uppl 6 Pris: 150:- Annonsören vill inte störas av telefonsäljare.
Säljer diverse studentlitteratur inom juridik, inköp, företagsekonomi och Oxford English dictionary samt Körkortsboken in English. Samtliga böcker är i fint skick. Skickar böcker och fraktkostnad betalas av säljaren (Jag!!) 1. Körkortsboken+ körhäftet+teorihäftet in English 8th edition. 2005. 300 KR 2. Företagsekonomi100 övningsbok+lösningar upp13 Liber. 200 kr 3 Civilrätt Malmström 22:a upplagan ISBN 9789147097425. 300 kr 4. Lag om offentlig upphandling- en kommentar. Jan-Erik Falk. 2 upplagan. ISBN:9789172234291. 850 kr 5. Strategisk offentliga inköp En praktisk vägledning. Kalle Krall, Eva-Lotta Sandberg. 2013 SKL kommentus AB. ISBN 9789173452687 500 kr 6. Concise Oxford English Dictionary. 11th edition revised. 300 kr