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The Lucky 7® brings the high build quality and awesome tones people expect of Fuchs products to a new more affordable price range. The Lucky 7® is based on a dual 12AX7 preamp stage and a unique single ended 7-watt EL-34 fixed bias output stage. By switching to a 6V6, you can reduce power to less than 5-watts. Unlike other amps in this price range, the Lucky 7® has a full complement of extremely flexible tone controls. A surprising amount of clean headroom is available before the output stage begins distorting with a sweet yet cutting rock edge. Voiced like its bigger siblings the Train 45™ and Blackjack 21®, the Lucky 7® has a classic rock voice similar to a vintage Marshall™ or Trainwreck™ style amp. It provides a cutting rock edge, yet filled with harmonic richness and chime. The circuit design also is "attenuator friendly". The Lucky 7® and its higher powered sibling the Blackjack 21® have a preamp stage designed to allow clean-to-mean from the guitar volume control. The chassis (like all Fuchs products) is aircraft grade aluminum; our internal construction is mixed PC board and hard wired. On the Lucky 7® and Blackjack 21®, the preamp tubes and power supply circuitry are on the circuit card, while the power tubes and transformer are mounted on the chassis. A detachable power cord is standard. By using single point grounding, the amp is quiet and free of hum at all operating levels. [img:24spy4x4]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v292/serphent/Gitarrer/DSC03011.jpg[/img:24spy4x4] Mer info och ljudklipp finns här:http://www.fuchsaudiotechnology.com/products-luckyseven.php Videoklipp från mig och ett från ett liveframträdande: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0fVhuFu66E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU-CDa22 ... re=related sänker till 5500:- Nappar ingen på det så får den stanna.
Egmond Lucky 7 två strängar saknas annars bra skick! pris bud!
Har en gammal hederlig EGMOND Lucky 7 gitarr liggandes och samla damm. Tanken var att den skulle renoveras men det har ej blivit av. Det finns en del repor och skador på gitarren och den behöver en grövre översyn. 60´tals gitarr med mycket historia. PRIS: Högstbjudande (har fått bud på 2,000kr)